Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stepping down from the TC

Yesterday was the last meeting of the OpenStack Kilo Technical Committee -- and the last meeting for me as a member of that committee [for now]. I must admit, I gots the feels at the close of that meeting... some things IRC doesn't convey well.

20:51:47 <ttx> Last words before we close ?
20:52:39 <dhellmann> to the committee members who decided not to run and so won't be coming back, thank you for your service!
20:52:46 <david-lyle> ++
20:52:48 <russellb> ++
20:52:49 <sdague> ++
20:52:50 <Rockyg> ++
20:52:52 <zaneb> ++
20:52:53 <jogo> with just over a day left, get out the vote!
20:53:04 <mestery> ++
20:53:27 <edleafe> +++
20:53:33 <dims> ++
20:53:46 <ttx> alright! Let's close this. Thanks everyone
20:53:49 <ttx> #endmeeting

It was a hard decision for me to not run this cycle, and I wrote about it in a "non-candidacy" email in which I outline what I believe this committee needs to step up and do to shepherd OpenStack through the next phase of its evolution. I've pasted it below, and you can find the original here: